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Some of the major mobile phone brands in 2016 are
Sony Ericsson

The price, features, warranty of the phones will vary to a very great extent. It is advisable to use locally made branded phone to the extent possible for better after sales service and warranty as they are accepting and tolerant of indian culture. Foreign brands tend to provide good service only to westernized customers and treat indian customers who are not westernized and not good looking as uneducated fools. In the mobile phone market, market share changes rapidly due to high levels of competition. Nokia was the market leader a few years ago, Samsung overtook Nokia, and now other mobile phone brands are becoming more popular in the indian market, especially Micromax.

However most of the low end mobile phones are not branded as they are imported, and do not have after sales service network. Purchasing the phone will largely be a lottery it may or may not work, and the mobile phone will have to be discarded as junk if repairs are not possible or spare parts not available.

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