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Micromax is one of the largest mobile phone brands in India and has rapidly gained marketshare initially at the expense of Nokia and later Samsung with its aggressive pricing . The specification of one of the cheapest micromax mobiles which has been advertised is discussed

Micromax has an 1+1 offer for a low end black mobile phone for Rs 1599, one mobile phone for Rs 799.5 each
The phone is a low end model with basic functionality of making and receiving phone calls, smses
Dual SIM
Bluetooth for data transfer
Digital camera
FM radio music player
Includes charger and accessories
Comes with a 1 year warranty

The advantage of the lowend mobile phone is that unlike smartphones which have a operating system, there is relatively less software installed and the phone is less likely to be hacked. The phone does not have a qwerty keyboard or touchscreen so typing many smses on the mobile phone will be relatively time consuming and laborious. More suitable for making and receiving phone calls.

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