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Though a person may not be communicating with many people on phone, increasingly it has become mandatory for a person to have a mobile phone number for different applications. For example for filing income tax returns or creating an income tax efiling account, it is mandatory to provide a mobile number to valid the account. So a person who may be using a landline phone for communication will be forced to get a sim card and mobile phone. In this case, he will not use the mobile phone often, so a low end or cheap mobile phone will be adequate.

For making online credit card payment also a mobile phone will be required as the OTP (one time password) will be sent to the mobile phone. Most banks are making it mandatory for a customer to provide a mobile phone number so that the alert will be sent to the mobile number. To reduce fraud, the alert for transactions, especially high value transactions are sent to mobile number so that the customer will be alerted almost immediately. If a person is not sending smses or making calls, only using the mobile phone for receiving alerts a low end model will be adequate.

For hostile takeovers or to destroy competition, increasing corporates are targetting the communication of the business owner, getting corrupt security, intelligence agency officials to make completely fake allegations without any proof against the business, and then diverting phone calls,smses to well connected frauds, falsely claiming that they want to find proof. For these business owners a low cost or cheap mobile will be the best option, as they will receive almost no phone calls or smses due to phone/sms diversion racket.

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